Little Rock City Estates Promotes Medical Tourism

Little Rock City Estates has offered two very important sites for medical Tourism.These are Tetegu Miami and Denchira Amansaman Enclave all in Greater Accra Region. The Medical Tourism of Little Rock City Estates has registered as Tetegu Specialty Hospital Denchira Community Hospital And Anatomy Centre.

The Little Rock City Estates provided 10 plots of Land at Tetegu Miami for the building of an ultra Modern Specialist Hospital which will attract specialized cases from both Ghana and cases all over the world.This is to limit patients traveling to advance countries for such medical interventions and the cost involved.

The Little Rock City Estates has also provided a land in Danchira to build and host a Community Hospital for the people and towns and villages in its environs totaling over 40communities. Foundation laid. This is to promote Medical Tourism as it social Responsibility. Benefits

Medical Tourism in Ghana 🇬🇭

Ghana is positioning itself as the next Medical Tourism destination for Africa with the ongoing construction of an ultra modern medical facilities build as the largest healthcare project of it kind in West Africa.
The Little Rock City Estates join you and International Investors to be part of this great work and Assignment for Humanity.Shalom

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